Tuesday, July 12, 2011

App Review: Tiny Tower & Songify

have been unable to post for a few weeks, due to my sabbatical in Europe, but now that I have returned, a few things are in order. First, I have not done an app review in quite a while, so I have chosen two apps that are featured in the app store right now, the game Tiny Tower, and the music-esque app Songify. Let's start with the former.

Tiny Tower
This is a game where you build floors on a 24-bit style tower, where you can get tenants called bitizens (ha, it is like a pun) who you can get to work for you in your shops that you also open up. All of these things earn you money, and then you spend the money on more floors and restocking your shops.
For those people who like objectives in games, such as clearing levels where you fire defenseless birds at pigs, with the intent to slaughter the pigs, for a not so heinous crime, then this game might not be for you. I guess game is categorized as a "simulation" game. Maybe you are simulating if you were all powerful, and you used all of that power to build a really tall tower. I don't know. This game is also great because you can close it out, (or leave it in the background) and you will still earn points and things. This game is probably just for the casual gamer who, while waiting for the bus could restock things, and build towers, and see how much progress you have achieved. Then again, you could also get to work on green pig genocide, but the choice is yours.
All in all, despite the fact that I have not yet seen one bear, the animation style and gameplay has earned this app a worthy 8/10, and it is most worth getting, if you enjoy games.

Songify is one of those new newfangled apps that can be used to make yourself sound musical. All you do is speak into the device, and it adds a backtrack, and tunes your voice to sound slightly techno-like. If you use your iPod/iPhone just for messing around, or if you actually like singing, this app would probably be great for you. Also, this app is generally free, which can strengthen the appeal over it's paid counterparts. It generally is quite fun to play with, but the overall effect can fade terribly fast, because of the backtracks that are offered, only about 3 are free, and the rest you must pay for. In my opinion, apps should either be free, or paid. Not trick you with some crazy gimmick. But besides that, you can have a a little bit of fun with this app, but I do not know if there is any lasting appeal present.
This app certainly did not have any bears, and it received a 5/10.

Also, speaking of reviews, I stumbled across this great site where this guy reviews movies using only haikus. That is worth checking out. You can find it here.