Monday, October 18, 2010


So recently, I acquired a new snowboard. Previously, I was using old boots that did not fit, and a snowboard that was slightly controversial. And so, recently I went to a store, sold abunch of the old boots and boards, too small to fit the smallest of gazelle, and I was gifted with new awesome boots, and a new snowboard! It's like Christmas! In Octsnowber! ah, and I guess I should be continuing the "MS Paint Countdown!" thing, but this might be more exciting.
This is the back. There is a clown on it. Well, half a clown.

This is on the front of the board, between the two footholderess, and the stomp pad is right on the mouth for some reason? I don't know, But I'm going to get a clear one is replace of this one. partly because it hides the graphics, and partly because this one is halfway nonexistent. The rest of the board was not that graphic, so I did not take a picture of it. and for some reason, (this was taken with my phone), half the pictures my phone takes are of terrible quality, and scaled down to microscopic size, retaining about 5% of their original quality, while half are still somewhat decent. satisfactory. and these fell into the first category. So anyway, I might be changing the format of this blog soon.

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  1. i think i'd feel awkward if i knew there was a creepy clown with it's mouth wide open right there, just sayin.