Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lone Bear Stamp!

So I made a stamp of the lone bear! Partly to see if I could, and partly becase I like to use all of the art supplies, like Kris Bowmaster. It will also come in handy when geocaching/letterboxing (the latter I don't do, but w/e), because I can stamp my pseudoname, insted of writing it, and everyone will be like, "woah, I better respect this Guy, he has a stamp."

Friday, April 29, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

John Jones!

You see, I mentioned Smallville in one of my earlier posts, and it is now time for another character highlight! John Jones is the pseudo-name given to the Martian Man-Hunter (and already known superhero). And for truth, I guess it is properly spelled "J'onn J'onzz", but it's too late to fix the title now.
Here he is with Dr. Fate, in the episode Absolute Justice. The reason he is here is long and drawn out, but is irrelevant. All you need to know is that even know he is the last surviving Martian, and he currently has no powers, he is still going after super villains with duel magnums. That just says something about his character. He also is one of the greatest people on this show, because he does everything right, and does it with masterful skill.
And here is Dr. Fate somehow shooting a laser at John, to simultaneously knock him unconscious, return his powers, (turn him green for a moment), and somehow convince the villain that they are trying to catch that he killed John. or something. I don't know why there is Mars in the background, but it makes a completely awesome picture. Oh, the reason Dr. Fate did this was because the villain was about to sneak up and kill them, so he decided to give John his powers to save the earth, and sacrifice himself. But that's not important.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Screen Capturing? Squaa?

How do you make that mistake? I don't even...
Anyway, it's Wednesday, and I happened to have found two things on the internet today, which add up to one blog post. The following was on a comments for a torrent download for Kid Cudi, to give it context.
I know you cannot read it from here. Click on it to make it larger.
It does not make sense to me why people comment on music and stuff if they don't like it. Even on iTunes, why would you post a comment on a band if you don't like them? But I also don't like those comments from people who think that band is the greatest thing of earth, and they are the only ones that can relate to that band. or whatever. So really, I just don't like when people comment on music. Which is why I liked this comment from nikkoli.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Source Code

Well, tonight I saw Source Code, and I have to say, this movie was quite theatrical, and the ending was unexpected. Both elements give it an air of non-clichéness, always a good thing. I am going to assume you already know the primace, if not watch the trailer. There was one point where the protagonist just prevailed, and they started playing this heroic music, scored by Chris Bacon, and it seemed at that point that the movie was almost over, and it would have been slightly disappointing. Up until the final scene, the movie had done in an inverted parabola (y= -a (x)²) of satisfaction, meaning, towards the beginning, I was thinking, "You know, this is actually really cool", but towards the end I was thinking, "well that was quick... I guess it's over now.." which was overcome in the end, but nonetheless, I guess that's just what happens when you get accustom to watching terribly long movies, such as Inception or the extended directors cut of Avatar. 
Overall, It had a great concept, the plot was not as compelling as it could have been, but this does not subtract from the overall presence. The science behind the "Source Code" was briefly touched over, and no, it did not make any sense. I could go in depth as to how much the science does not make sense, but I didn't myself did not gather anything from his rambling except it deals with quantum physics, or something. And probably logarithms. I mean, who doesn't like logarithms?
Wouldn't want this to happen, Captain Stevens, now would we?
One comment, would the Captain Colter Stevens still have lived in the alternate reality where he ambushed the  Indian guy if he had not been hit by a train? Because it seems it wouldn't really affect the guys life if he wasn't on the train and the bomb still blew up, besides him leaving with an eternally guilty conscience. Or did he only continue with the alternate reality in the end because Goodwin pressed the big red button at the exact right moment? I don't know. I mean, they said it was impossible. But maybe because he also saved the train..? Just a thought. Also, I just thought it was cool when he was confronting Frost at the end. 
Dumbledore dies.  
Woah, how did that get there. 
Anyway. Overall, It actually was satisfactory towards the end, and I was pleased with how it had ended. Also, it had Russel Peters! 
Overall, I will give this movie a 7/10, and I recommend you watch it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh Yeah, Because That'll Work

You think your life is bad? So do we. 
Whoever thought this book would be a good idea? Does anybody else see the irony in this?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Really? Really Lynda Haraway?

Really Lynda? That's the picture you chose? I mean really. If you were going to pick a picture of yourself for your website and BILLBOARDS (yes, this picture is on billboards, where millions see her) why would you pick the worst possible picture of yourself? I mean really, It looks like she was reeeally drunk, and was about to sneeze. I know she probably has a good picture of herself, probably like on facebook or something.

OH WAIT, NEVERMIND. That is her actual facebook picture as well. I am really at a loss for what to say right now. This makes me realize that they actually fixed up her picture for her website. I don't believe it.

For Lynda's sake, please don't bother her, even though I posted her website and facebook profile on this blog.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Notepad Sale! Finally!

Well, to tell you to the truth, I have been waiting to purchase this notepad for geocaching, and today, what do you know, they finally put it on sale! I had been slightly weary of the price, but they were the cheapest around in the first place, so I was just waiting, and I was in luck!
I mean, you save almost 700 dollars! Inconceivable! This is a great deal, and I would recommend this to everyone!
You can find the page here, and I did not even photoshop this! (and if you have not already found out, I was not really planning on buying this. yet....)