Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spawn Of Stroud (The Gingerbread Man)

There once was a benevolent fox who lived alone at the edge of a village. The fox, whose name was Basil, was the fastest in all of the land, and was quite proud of this fact. Basil had been a track star all throughout school, and moved on to win countless marathons. All of the forest animals admired his great skill and speed, and nobody came close to challenging him.
    There came a day when the townsfolk came to hear of the great feats a certain fox had accomplished, and organized a village-wide race. Certain villages could not believe that an animal could even begin to compare to a human in speed. Most of the villagers were offended, and dismissed the thought that a fox could beat any of them. A certain villager, one named Les Stroud, came to town that day to pick up beans and potatoes for him and his wife. When he heard that a fox had challenged the humans, he laughed, and entered the race immediately. For Les Stroud had also been an expert runner as a teen, and could run the length of the forest in record time. Les looked to the day that the village would truly admire him for not only beating this fox, but for winning the race.
    There came the day of the race, and as the sun rose over the hills still wet from dew, the participants lined up to challenge Basil. Basil was not nervous, for he know that he was the quickest, and he would not lose. As the starter gun was fired, all of the townsfolk, including Les Stroud, started at once, but Basil was too quick for them. Basil finished the race half an hour before anyone else. Basil took his trophy, and modestly trotted back into the forest, greeted by all the other foxes. Les Stroud came to the finish line second, but by then, everyone had left. He was outraged. His glory had been stolen by a fox! Les swore that one day, he would have revenge on Basil the fox.
    Three years later, Basil was sitting in his den, and chatting with other foxes about days past. Basil had retained his popular status all throughout the years, and had not once been challenged since the big race. Suddenly, Basil’s neighbor, Danial, ran in and told of a horrid creature boasting of great speed, and insulting townsfolk and animals alike. Danial told Basil that he had already vulgarly insulted his friend Susan, who was a cow. Basil felt it was his duty to stop this terrible monster. He went to find Susan, and found her weeping in a field.
    “My fare heifer, what is wrong?” Basil said.
    “Oh fox! I was approached by a small brown demon! He spoke of feats such as outrunning an entire barn full of threshers, a field full of mowers, and an old man and woman!” Susan moaned.
    Susan pointed the direction the creature had followed, and Basil continued on his quest. Soon he came across a horse who told the same tragic story. The horse said that the small devil was waiting in Miller’s Field for Basil’s arrival. Basil uncertainly walked the rest of the way, where sure enough a small creature was standing in the middle of the field. It started to rain and a chill shot through Basil’s spine. The walk to the mysterious creature was one Basil remembered as being filled with fear, fear of the unknown. Suddenly, a booming voice that sounded of nails against glass, but almost omnipresent in the sense that it sound as if coming from no distinct source, screamed the following:
    “I've run away from a little old woman, a little old man, a barn full of threshers, a field full of mowers, a cow and a horse, and I can run away from you, I can!”
    “Why are you doing this?!” Basil yelled over the new-found thunder.
    “You shamed my family! My father would have been world renowned! You stole our fortune before it was even know to us! Now you must pay! Once it becomes known that a Stroud has beaten the infamous Basil the fox, we will strive, and you will suffer!” The small demon retorted in a deathly shriek.
    “Tell me your story,” Basil spoke, “for I fear I do not entirely understand!”
    “You would be the one to say such a thing!” The devil vociferated, “I am the son of Les Stroud and Martha Stroud! You shamed my father three years ago today! He was planning on challenging you again, but his legs were crushed by a falling tree, and is incapable of walking ever again! My father realized he needed an heir to follow in his path, and thus I was spawned! For not only was my father a skillful runner, but my mother was a famous chef!”
    “You have it all wrong! I am not the one who is deserves this torment, it is your father!” Basil pleaded. “Don’t do this!”
    But the Spawn of Stroud did not listen, and challenged Basil to a race. The devil of ginger color started with blinding speed, sending rain and barley off the ground and into the air. The rain increased to a downpour, and the thunder was deafening. Basil started, and caught up to the creature in a part of the forest where the sun does not reach. Basil pinned the creature to the soaked earth with lightning speed.
    “I warned you.”  whispered Basil. He looked into the demons eyes, and saw a look of absolute terror, then sank his fangs into the creature’s heart.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Lone Bear, on a Bike!

The Lone Bear just won the Tour de Ukraine. Held once a year, the 134 stage race forces the participants to circle the entire Ukraine, twice. The Tour starts in Dnipropetrovsk, and travels through the Kherson Oblast until it reaches Alupka. From Alupka, the participants climb the Ai Petri, and race along the peaks until they reach Koreiz. The tour contains monumental descents and climbs, and finally ends in the streets of Kiev.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Brock Obama!

I mean, their names do sound alike. Brock, Barack..

Friday, September 17, 2010

Look Alikes!

Okay, just i found these people, who happened to look alike. I will probably have more of these later, because they are fun! anyway, But the people are; Davey Jones (Pirates of the Carabian) looks like Leonardo De Vinci, and Tony Stark (Iron Man) looks like Thomas Nast! And I coudn't get find pictures, but Eminem in his "Not Afraid" music video (when he starts to fly around) looks like Neo from The Matrix.

Monday, September 13, 2010

More for the Lego Temple!

I built a new room, the council room that I mentioned. It will go on the third floor. I mentioned that I am running out of legos, and the ones used for this were graciously donated by my friend. There is a table and windows for looking out of. and yes, that sentence did end in a preposition.

Above is the table! and the door rotates! it is big enough for eight important people to stand around it. and converse, about whether or not it was a good idea to include so many open windows in their secret council chamber.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

John Leguizamo

While we're on the topic of The Kill Point and Romeo and Juliet, If you see the 1996 version on Romeo+Juliet (staring Leonardo DeCaprio and Clair Dane), you might realize that Tybalt (the other most awesome character), is the same as Mr. Wolf in The Kill Point. I thought that was pretty awesome.

A Tribute to Balthasar of Montague

Romeo and Juliet is a great story, but the pain and misfortune could have easily been avoided. It was Balthasar who messed everything up. I mean, nobody gives him much credit, and nobody knows who he is. Pretty much all he did was rush to Romeo after Juliet's "death", and tell him everything, before the letter had arrived. If Balthasar hadn't of been so angsty, Romeo would have gotten the letter and been like " Oh, I guess there's nothing to worry 'bout after all." But it was probably more like "Quaf! Tempest slew thy noblest of deeds, egal, but what one pray thou distraught?" And neither of them would have died. and they would have lived in fair Verona, and needst not be troubled. Balthasar was pretty cool though. and he kinda looks like Frodo in this bush.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Kill Point

I started watching this awesome show on netflix called The Kill Point. It's about these dudes who try to rob a bank, but as they are walking out with the money, some FBI agent in the bank shoots at them. then they're caught up in the crossfire, and are forced to return to the bank. But while everybody was shooting, some person in the bank lets almost everyone out the backdoor. So when the robbers come back inside, there's like 20 people and they take them hostage. It's pretty awesome, because the entire series, (8 episodes) consist of them in the bank and action-y stuff happening. And in netflix, it's watch instantly! So I would highly recommend it.

Monday, September 6, 2010


So, about three weeks ago, I wanted to start to learn how to play the guitar. I was going to try to learn how to play the banjo before that, but that didn't work out, and this is already a bunch more fun. And, I got it for free, from this musical church that was giving away a free left handed guitar! craigslist is awesome. anyway, sense I don't play music left handed, (even though I am left handed) we strung it like a right handed guitar, and it's pretty amazing. Its a Fender Stratocaster Squire, and really amazing, even though all of the dials and knobs are on the wrong side. and because I already have an amp for my electric violin, i don't have to buy one! Does anybody have any suggestions for what I should learn how to play? And not Metallica, because I cannot play that. At all.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Well, a while ago I desided to rebuild the recked remained of the lego jedi temple that I had built, but when i started to pick up all the peices, i realized that it was an awful excuse for a building. It was one and a half storys, and the entire building was pretty much a long hallway to a council room, which was too small to fit everybody. So then i desided to build a new temple, that made more sence, and was really cool. or something. So I started work on the greatest lego architectual feat ever accomplished, in my room at least. Four stories (at least), with an armory, and secret study, an infirmary, a computer room (what are those called?), a watch tower, a jail, a helipad, a roof garden, AND a council room. Ha, I know. I'm actually running out of legos? has anyone ever run out of legos to build something? and its not like those weird shaped blocks that nobody has ever seen, it's those regular blue 2x2 blocks. which every person I have ever met has at least over 9000. anyway, here are some pictures to show where i am right now.

As you cannot tell from the picture, this is the computer room. Yes, there will be a roof, and to the far left is the will-be hallway. and stairs near the top, as you can (or cannot) see. should be cool. This is on the second floor.

This one is even harder to see what it is. I don't use flash on my camera, so its really weird when i take pictures in my room. but it works great in about every other room? Anyway, this is the infirmary, where the injured dude lies on the medical table, and the dudes at the computer system thing heal him. Cannot really see the third man, wearing a black hood? anyway, hes at the console. this is about of the one and a half level. or something, you can see the hallway from there, but half of the hallway is missing. because i am running out of large platforms.
Not too much to see here, just the front of the building. Instead of a single door (like last time), i decided to attempt to build two swinging out doors, and it worked! and there is a small keypad to enter in the password.
So anyway, that is where i stand right now. i will probably post more about it later, I still don't know what this blog is, or will be, about.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Post!

This is my first post! Because you are reading this, you have been gifted with a video. Which you can find here.