Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Tribute to Balthasar of Montague

Romeo and Juliet is a great story, but the pain and misfortune could have easily been avoided. It was Balthasar who messed everything up. I mean, nobody gives him much credit, and nobody knows who he is. Pretty much all he did was rush to Romeo after Juliet's "death", and tell him everything, before the letter had arrived. If Balthasar hadn't of been so angsty, Romeo would have gotten the letter and been like " Oh, I guess there's nothing to worry 'bout after all." But it was probably more like "Quaf! Tempest slew thy noblest of deeds, egal, but what one pray thou distraught?" And neither of them would have died. and they would have lived in fair Verona, and needst not be troubled. Balthasar was pretty cool though. and he kinda looks like Frodo in this bush.

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