Saturday, September 4, 2010


Well, a while ago I desided to rebuild the recked remained of the lego jedi temple that I had built, but when i started to pick up all the peices, i realized that it was an awful excuse for a building. It was one and a half storys, and the entire building was pretty much a long hallway to a council room, which was too small to fit everybody. So then i desided to build a new temple, that made more sence, and was really cool. or something. So I started work on the greatest lego architectual feat ever accomplished, in my room at least. Four stories (at least), with an armory, and secret study, an infirmary, a computer room (what are those called?), a watch tower, a jail, a helipad, a roof garden, AND a council room. Ha, I know. I'm actually running out of legos? has anyone ever run out of legos to build something? and its not like those weird shaped blocks that nobody has ever seen, it's those regular blue 2x2 blocks. which every person I have ever met has at least over 9000. anyway, here are some pictures to show where i am right now.

As you cannot tell from the picture, this is the computer room. Yes, there will be a roof, and to the far left is the will-be hallway. and stairs near the top, as you can (or cannot) see. should be cool. This is on the second floor.

This one is even harder to see what it is. I don't use flash on my camera, so its really weird when i take pictures in my room. but it works great in about every other room? Anyway, this is the infirmary, where the injured dude lies on the medical table, and the dudes at the computer system thing heal him. Cannot really see the third man, wearing a black hood? anyway, hes at the console. this is about of the one and a half level. or something, you can see the hallway from there, but half of the hallway is missing. because i am running out of large platforms.
Not too much to see here, just the front of the building. Instead of a single door (like last time), i decided to attempt to build two swinging out doors, and it worked! and there is a small keypad to enter in the password.
So anyway, that is where i stand right now. i will probably post more about it later, I still don't know what this blog is, or will be, about.

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