Friday, November 19, 2010

Spoiler, I Mean, Harry Potter 7...

Saw the new harry potter. It's pretty cool, I think it lived up to it's expectations, but there were a few things I thought odd. Of course, i haven't read the book in like three years, so this will be based on solely the movie. The first odd thing was the fact that the three people they chose to transform into off of the streets to sneak into the ministry, happened to be wizards, all with prominent rolls in the ministry. Two of which happened to be traveling to the same room, and one's wife was on trial, that very second. All of which were well known enough to be known on a first name basis with Umbridge, who was like, second in command. Right. Also, when Harry and Hermionie go into the cemetery, the first grave Hermionry walks up to, she wipes the snow off of a small portion, and boom, there is the mysterious symbol. But maybe it was the will of the force. It was the mediclorians inside of her. And while I am on that note, still in that little village neighborhood, why would they leave a terrible house like harry's old house in that nice neighborhood? It looked like a quant little village, and there is just a house that has been untouched for seventeen years. Wouldn't they rebuild it? It's prime estate. I don't know.
Another thing, there was an excessive amount of scenes where they were in large fields, and nothing else. minute long scenes, of just large fields. But that is a small detail. Also, Hermionie seemed to have been taken to countless remote destinations in the woods as a child, with no civilization for miles upon miles around. Oh, and her parents would have had to walk, because they were not magical. That makes sense. Well, not really. And were there packs of Snatchers at every destination they had previously traveled to, just standing around, hoping that they will come back? You know, when they just appeared, just standing there. But I liked the movie, the free hand camera in the certain scenes really gave it an edge. Made it more exciting, more like the book. Well that doesn't make sense. But you know what I mean. I really enjoyed it, and thought it was much better than the sixth and fifth one. I don't even remember what happens in the fifth one, even though i have read the book twice, and seen the movie at least once. I really just don't remember. But I would highly recommend seeing this movie. Even though If you just read this, you should have already seen it. Because it makes no sense otherwise. But yes, I really liked it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sucker Punch

Ok, so while stumbling, i found the most epic movie trailer ever. I do not even know where to begin. As the title of this entry would give way, the movie is called Sucker Punch. And because I cannot begin to describe this, i will post a few screenshots from the trailer.
And I highly advise you click on the photos to see them full quality.

The trailer is here, and i did not upload the video strait to my blog, because it would bring the quality down. so just view the real trailer, not the teaser trailer. There are samurais, robots, dragons, WWII era planes and weaponry, castle like architecture, think i saw a zombie, there was that part with the helicopter, with Saturn or something in the background. Unreal. The only bad thing i can see about this movie is the fact that it will not come out for another five months.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I changed the banner! So now it is not so boring. It is actually kind of exciting! So as a reward, here is an angora ram! I will probably update some more stuff soon.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Tribute to Nute Gunray

I am sure many of you have seen Star Wars. I mean, who hasn't? But the role of a certain individual is skipped over by millions every day. This character was Nute Gunray. You may be asking yourself, "Who?" and this is slightly understandable. But only slightly. He had a larger role in the movies than any other villain in the first three in the series. chronologically, story wise that is. Nute Gunray is the only villain to appear in all three of those movies, besides Darth Sidious. Many of you are probably still asking, "Who?", and I will explain. He was that guy on the trade federation ship in the beginning of The Phantom Menace, he was on Geonosis with Dooku makin' all those droids, and he also was on Mustafar when Anakin flipped into that rage. He was pretty much just a separatist leader, who obtained the status as Viceroy. His main role was in the invasion of Naboo, but he stood as a symbol of the separatists, until his less-than-noble death. He was the last living member of the trade federation, before he died of course. His last words, "The war is over! Lord Sidious… promised us peace. We only want-" still resonate his tone of innocence. He death was cruel, and undeserved.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zombieland Movie Review

I mentioned I saw Zombieland in an earier post, and I think I also mentioned I would do a movie review. It's a possibility. So anyway, seeing as I do not have all that many other things to blog about, I will tell what I thought about the movie. So If you haven't seen it, I'm probably going to spoil some of it. But you should see it anyway. If you want.
The movie is pretty much about this wimpy guy, whom I will call Columbia, who finds a tough guy, and they team up to fight zombies. Then they find these two girls, and at first, the girls trick them and steal all of their zombie huntin' stuff. Now in this movie, the zombies are not that smart. I will point of that I personally do not like zombies all that much, because they are impractical and creepy. So I have not seen that many zombie movies, and do not have that much to compare these zombies to. But they are slow, and not very intelligent. they are not faster than people, (like in I Am Legend) but kinda just like normal people. who eat other people. Anyway, Columbia and the tough guy are mad at the two girls, so they go after them to beat them up or something. It really is not all that clear as to what they will do when they try to catch them, maybe just steal their stuff back, but that's kinda weak. And I forgot to mention, they found the two girls in a grocery store, because the tough guy, Tallahassee, really wants to find a Twinky. So Columbia and Tallahassee never get to take their stuff back, because they find the girls car that they stole, but then the girls sneak up on them and take them captive. This is a pointless move, because the girls, who obviously at this point show some kind of trickery and intelligence, could have just stolen Tallahassee's car again, and kicked him and the Columbia out. Then they would not have to always watch their back, need less food, and might get better gas mileage. (I dunno, less weight might give you better mileage. I think thats how it works.) But I guess the older girl, who is the same age as Little Columbia (like 20 i guess), had a thing for him. so they kept him. Oh, and throughout the movie, all of the characters are trying to go somewhere. the girls are trying to go to a theme park, so when Columbia gets told that the city he is going to, Columbia (everybody is named after their city), is a ghost town, he goes to the theme park too. Which is close to LA. So because Tallahassee has no choice, and all he wants to do is find a twinky, he comes along too. This kinda makes sense. Everyone becomes friends, and they decide to go to Bill Murrys house. Columbia and the smaller girl watch Ghostbusters, while the older girl, Wichita and Tallahassee just chill in the other room. they find Bill Murry who dressed like a zombie to not be eaten. I think It's pretty cool that he is in a movie, as himself. That alone made the movie just that much better for me. He's a cool guy. anyway, he decides to play a prank on Columbia and the small girl, Little Rock, and pretends to walk in to his movie theatre like a zombie. because he still has his makeup and whatever on. So then Columbia freaks and shotgun'd Bill Murry. Even though i saw this coming, it was still too bad. anyway, they decide to give him a proper funeral, by dropping him off the balcony. To sum up the rest of the movie, the girls ditch them in the night and go to the theme park, and atract a lot of zombies. Columbia realizes he loves Wichita, so he a Tallahassee go to the theme park too. they save the girls, and Tallahassee gets a twinky at the end.
 I thought this movie saved zombies for me. I had a negative impression, but combining the whole freaky zombie thing with a comedy really made it better. and Jesse Eisenberg is a pretty cool guy. He was in The Social Network. I didn't see that. So I would give it a 7/10 for plot. It carried along quite well, and kept you intrigued, although it did not reeally make sense in some parts. But that is even better. It complemented the Comedy part of the movie. I would give that an 8/10. So it was a swell movie.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another reCaptcha Comic!

Another comic! and this one includes rafters! Oh, I saw Zombieland the other day. that was a pretty cool movie. I will probably write a movie review sometime later.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm sure you have seen recaptcha in various places, and i have seen people make comics out of them. and thats a cool idea. so now i will try to post a captchacomic every so often. because that's pretty cool. oh! and also, if you want to make one, here is the captcha website right here, (copy the phrase you want) and send it to  . The winner will get 10 internet points*!

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