Friday, November 19, 2010

Spoiler, I Mean, Harry Potter 7...

Saw the new harry potter. It's pretty cool, I think it lived up to it's expectations, but there were a few things I thought odd. Of course, i haven't read the book in like three years, so this will be based on solely the movie. The first odd thing was the fact that the three people they chose to transform into off of the streets to sneak into the ministry, happened to be wizards, all with prominent rolls in the ministry. Two of which happened to be traveling to the same room, and one's wife was on trial, that very second. All of which were well known enough to be known on a first name basis with Umbridge, who was like, second in command. Right. Also, when Harry and Hermionie go into the cemetery, the first grave Hermionry walks up to, she wipes the snow off of a small portion, and boom, there is the mysterious symbol. But maybe it was the will of the force. It was the mediclorians inside of her. And while I am on that note, still in that little village neighborhood, why would they leave a terrible house like harry's old house in that nice neighborhood? It looked like a quant little village, and there is just a house that has been untouched for seventeen years. Wouldn't they rebuild it? It's prime estate. I don't know.
Another thing, there was an excessive amount of scenes where they were in large fields, and nothing else. minute long scenes, of just large fields. But that is a small detail. Also, Hermionie seemed to have been taken to countless remote destinations in the woods as a child, with no civilization for miles upon miles around. Oh, and her parents would have had to walk, because they were not magical. That makes sense. Well, not really. And were there packs of Snatchers at every destination they had previously traveled to, just standing around, hoping that they will come back? You know, when they just appeared, just standing there. But I liked the movie, the free hand camera in the certain scenes really gave it an edge. Made it more exciting, more like the book. Well that doesn't make sense. But you know what I mean. I really enjoyed it, and thought it was much better than the sixth and fifth one. I don't even remember what happens in the fifth one, even though i have read the book twice, and seen the movie at least once. I really just don't remember. But I would highly recommend seeing this movie. Even though If you just read this, you should have already seen it. Because it makes no sense otherwise. But yes, I really liked it.


  1. i can explain one complaint. in the book they explain the people they chose were people that they knew had some connection to umbridge, that they had seen by hiding outside the ministry under the cloak. but i have to agree with your other complaints

  2. Oh, the house is still standing as a memorial to Harry's parents I believe. In the book there's a little sign there.

  3. The snatchers already worked in that are, it establishes that by showing them walking past their defenses...and they knew they would be there from the scarf, so they probably just waited for someone to appear... The grave thing, she was inspecting all the graves and probably noticed the symbol under the light dusting of snow... There are actually less large field scenes than the book...and maybe her parents like backpacking??