Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Due to the fact that I have been busy lately, I have not been able to post stuff. It is directly proportionate, as difficult as it might be to believe. But in my leave, I stumbled upon many interesting and noteworthy things. So I have compiled everything interesting that I have found lately. For instance, while in the store, I found these.

That's right, Justin Bieber trading cards. They would go perfect with my President Obama trading cards.

Sadly, I did not get the former. My dollar would be better spent in my pocket. But anyway, I have improved the lego temple, and the tower that I mentioned is complete, and the computer-ish room is much better. and not so small. also I have discovered that Eminem was wrong.
Life is a Nintendo game. He said it wasn't. (click here if you are confused) Go to 2:19, it should say linked comment right below the video, just click on that. So anyway, This should sustain some of you, for a little while a least, if anyone still checks this blog. I should be picking up the pace soon. With Christmas break and all. Or that could lessen the chances of an update.... Idunno. We'll see.

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