Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Screen Capturing? Squaa?

How do you make that mistake? I don't even...
Anyway, it's Wednesday, and I happened to have found two things on the internet today, which add up to one blog post. The following was on a comments for a torrent download for Kid Cudi, to give it context.
I know you cannot read it from here. Click on it to make it larger.
It does not make sense to me why people comment on music and stuff if they don't like it. Even on iTunes, why would you post a comment on a band if you don't like them? But I also don't like those comments from people who think that band is the greatest thing of earth, and they are the only ones that can relate to that band. or whatever. So really, I just don't like when people comment on music. Which is why I liked this comment from nikkoli.

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