Saturday, April 23, 2011

John Jones!

You see, I mentioned Smallville in one of my earlier posts, and it is now time for another character highlight! John Jones is the pseudo-name given to the Martian Man-Hunter (and already known superhero). And for truth, I guess it is properly spelled "J'onn J'onzz", but it's too late to fix the title now.
Here he is with Dr. Fate, in the episode Absolute Justice. The reason he is here is long and drawn out, but is irrelevant. All you need to know is that even know he is the last surviving Martian, and he currently has no powers, he is still going after super villains with duel magnums. That just says something about his character. He also is one of the greatest people on this show, because he does everything right, and does it with masterful skill.
And here is Dr. Fate somehow shooting a laser at John, to simultaneously knock him unconscious, return his powers, (turn him green for a moment), and somehow convince the villain that they are trying to catch that he killed John. or something. I don't know why there is Mars in the background, but it makes a completely awesome picture. Oh, the reason Dr. Fate did this was because the villain was about to sneak up and kill them, so he decided to give John his powers to save the earth, and sacrifice himself. But that's not important.

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  1. Where do you figure Dr. Fate did his graduate work? Is he a physician or a PhD?