Monday, February 7, 2011

Febuary Movies

So, 2011 is going to be a big year for movies I hear, either that, or I just made that up. Either way, there are a few cool looking movies coming out in February. I have decided to do this one month at a time, because my lack of time would not heed a very outstanding post. anyway, so far we have already had Sanctum, that sounded interesting. But not interesting enough to include the movie poster on my blog. even though it did look kinda cool. about the people who go underwater or something. Anyway, the main three I am going to focus on are I Am Number Four, Unknown, and Drive Angry. Also a year for all of my favorite actors to come out with really weird movies (Cowboys v. Aliens, Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford).

Anyway, the first movie, sounds pretty superlative. Just, amazing. About these people who are being hunted down, and this guy "should" be next, but it fighting back. or something. nonetheless, it looks amazing. Here is the trailer. Yeah, I havn't heard of any of these actors, but based on the trailer, I don't think it will be just a mindless teenage action movie.  This comes out Feb. 18th.
I think I would spend ten dollars seeing that in theaters. I mean, I saw Surrogates.
Next is Unknown. Ok, I would make some terrible pun about "The only thing known about this movie is how good it will be" but that is terribly lame, and I think we are all above that. Seriously, this just looks spectacular, unreal. Most def the best of these three movies, and it stares Liam Neeson, one of my favorite actors. If you haven't seen Taken, I would recommend that, because he was the main character and played that role outstandingly. And the whole missing identity thing is always a great plot point, especially if it is mixed in with insanity. and people that are not Jason Bourne, in which case it doesn't matter if you have amnesia or not, he will still rock you. But I always do like movies where the main character is just some regular dude. Anyway, this is also Feb 18, and I am so most def going to see this.

Oh wow. That is all I can say.

Finally we have Drive Angry with Nicholas Cage. Ok, wow. and this is not the same kind of "wow" as mentioned above. This plot just... sigh. I just don't know why Nicholas Cage does plays these rolls in these ridiculous movies. It all went downhill with National Treasure. He was cool in Raising Arizona and Next, but all his recent stuff has just been.. bleak. although he does get props for being in that superhero movie last year.
 This is just Nicholas Cage annihilating these n00bs. 16 kill streak.
I could post the actual trailer for Drive Angry, or tell you the premiss, but that is pointless. If I were you I wouldn't even look it up. watch this video instead. In fact, just watch this entire movie.

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