Monday, February 21, 2011

Long Weekend

After a weekend of no breakfast and no sleep, I walked away with many stories, but a blog post not. So I will devote the time to a full post later, but for now, I will drop a few pics and call it a night.

While on holiday in some mystic land, I stumbled upon a resort where they provide drink machines that sell both pepsi and coke, in the same machine. This just about blew my mind.
I don't think that's how clearance works...
This is just like Radio Shack, to not comprehend basic math skills. But I mean, what can you expect from a place called Radio Shack? I would sooner shop a store called Stereo Slum. Speaking of awful stores, hit the jump. Also, I have been reading this awesome web comic called AXE COP. I will devote a full entry to that soon.

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