Wednesday, May 18, 2011

If We Don't, Remember Me

The Seventh Seal

One important thing, you cannot see the images actually move unless you click on the images. So click on them!

So I found this while on Stumbleupon, and decided that this was worthy of re-blogging! It is a blog, I guess a Tumblr (oh -hoho, Tumblr...) called If We Don't, Remember Me that simply takes certain moments from classic movies, and turns them into gif files.. Now that is amazing. I also liked this one, due to the slight movement of the characters.
The Pink Panther
Or more aggressive movements are good too. It just amazes me the transition between the frames, for in the one below I cannot even see where it was stitched and cut. Great skill.
The Shining
 So feel free to check out that blog, and remember to comment on these posts, which is quite easy, and everyone likes to comment on stuff!


  1. wooaaaah trippy...

  2. the above comment sounds like liam.
    wow! commenting is so easy! i should do it more often!

  3. the above comment sounds like spencer.
    wow! commenting is so easy! i should use subtle hints by making it seem like someone else is talking more often!

  4. no, when I comment it is not anonymous. But you really should comment more!