Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Office!

So last week on The Office, Dwight becomes active manager and things ensue, but the one thing I wanted to point out is that in one scene, he is given a holster, and walks into the office carrying a loaded gun, and everyone gets really uncomfortable.
Everyone is questioning him and so Phyllis suggests "You could put your cell phone in it instead", which is quickly dismissed, but I myself wondered if this was a reference to the UK Office where Gareth Keenan, the original version of Dwight, comes in to the office wearing a holster with his cell phone in it.
Seeing as references to the original have been made before, this is not that much of a stretch.
Also, this thought for a comic occurred to me while driving today. enjoy!


  1. oohoohoo, clever, you just got a point on the prankster meter

  2. hahaha. that is quite humorous. a joke within a joke...