Monday, May 9, 2011

Mouse Guard!

So it was free comic book day on Saturday, and whilst they had many booring "super hero" comic books, (Green Lantern? pshhh) I found the most amazing comic of all, entitled MOUSE GUARD, written and drawn by David Petersen. So even though the comic was only one of four of the parts in this comic, it has far surpassed all the others, and I have not even read the others, because they cannot even stand in the shadow of mouse guard. So what better thing to do than to upload the entire comic to my blog? I mean, it was free anyway, and this was like a legal free. so enjoy!

If you cannot read the text, Just click the pictures for the full size versions.

Also, I am thinking of uploading these in multiple parts.
So I edited it and added the extra panels.

Also, here is the rest of the comic! which you can find in the following links!

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