Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Angry Birds Review

Well, Angry birds has been the #1 app in the app store for months now. I do not know why. Angry birds is not that great of a game. For many reasons, it is a good game, but the cons outweigh the pros. The fact that there are many many levels is a great thing. Most games get old fast because of the lack of content, but Angry Birds has hours upon hours of content.  It is also "physics" based, which is pretty cool. and the physics are not that bad. Sometimes not entirely realistic, but hey. Also there are the achievements and high score table through Open Feint, which makes it fun to compare scores with friends. It is also cheap. It gets annoying when all of the great apps are five dollars. It is well deserved, for a portable realistic driving game, or Call of Duty, but the cheaper apps will be more available to the general public.
Look at all those points.

What makes this game annoying is that it gets really repetitious, terribly fast. Especially if you try to get 3 stars on every level. Attempting to get 3 stars can usually only be achieved by hitting a certain block just right, and it will take you forever. But I guess it is primarily based on your opinion, and whether billions of the same level will tire you, or leave you in a state of eternal ecstasy (not the drug). 

This is going to hurt.
So Angry Birds gets a 6/10 in gameplay, because it offers infinite gaming, but I don't really know if you want that much gameplay. And the story is illogical. The frog pig things took like, three eggs. Birds lay like 9000 eggs every day. In fact, one of the birds in the game uses an egg, to slaughter some of the pigs. Those birds just need to chill out, and settle down. Quit being so angry.
It gets a 5/10 in youshouldgetthisapp, because It can be fun, and all of your frineds have it, so you should have it too. Right? And it's only a dollar, quit being so cheap.
It gets a 1/10 in bearness. For three reasons.
  1. There are no bears featured in this game. Not even a little bear. There are birds, and weird pig things. Both are very un-bear-like.
  2. They always work in teams. How can they resemble TLB if they work in teams? Unreal.
  3. The reason it has one out of ten instead of zero is because you do end up slaughtering small animals. Very bear-like.
Overall, It is an occasionally fun, but mediocre app. I would recommend it, but not to anybody I know.

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  1. This review makes me angry. I think I will unleash my anger on some piggies...