Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Battle Bears -1 Review!

The greatest app of all time, Battle Bears! This is the story of Oliver, a young bear, who while traveling on the Battle Bear space vessel, was stormed by thousands of small pink bears, called "huggables". Because they try to hug you. to death. Anyway, he any his brother are called to the bridge, and he has to fight his way there, after his brother, Will, is shot in the leg. Then they pretty much take the scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, where the concorde was shot with the arrow. ("Actually, I think I'm all right to come with you--") It's quite amusing, the cut scenes and everything. So anyway, You fight through these rooms, with all sorts of weapons, against all sorts of bears, and try to make it to the bridge.
I give it a 9/10 in gameplay, because it is really very fun, and the rooms are always changing. you will never have the same experience twice, and the 3D graphics really make it top-notch. There is the campaign, survival, and boss training, which give you endless bear fun. The cut-scenes were a little bit strange, because the mouths did not actually move, put the were still done surprisingly excellent.  Also It has an awesome soundtrack, which you can find here. Also the controls to the game are quite simple.
It also gets a 10/10 in youshouldgetthisapp, because it is free, and the greatest thing ever. There are achivments, and it uses Open Feint, so you get achivments and there are scoreboards.
It also gets a Billion/10 on bearness, because It contains only bears, and most are the time you are playing as A LONE BEAR. All apps from here on put will be also rated on bearness.


  1. I'm Gonna buy this app and tell the company YOUR the reason for it. So that they'll pay you for your hard efforts.
    A wise man once said,
    he was not so much of a genius as the others.

  2. nice ill be sure to download this app now. It looks pretty sick. Do you have an iPhone or ipod touch?

  3. I've got the iPod touch. and you should be sure to get gamecenter if you don't already have it. my username for that, and Open Feint is The Lone Bear. haha

  4. well this does look awesome. if only i had an ipod touch.

  5. hammer and sickle... that must be shane. haha spencer is zod.