Monday, January 3, 2011


Well! As I mentioned, I am going to post more often. They might not all be an elaborate photoshop thing, or a long essay, but some internainment is better than none. right?
World Domination? Good Idea.
 Anyway, I figured out that not only do Lex Luthor and Benito Mussolini look almost identical, but they both want/wanted the same thing! To destroy Superman! No wait, To rule the world! It is also quite amazing how similar these two photos look similar. Also! some comments suggested that I do some kind of app reviews, which is quite fitting, now that I have an app accessible iPod! So also, I added some fish to the right-hand toolbar. If you want to suggest a color for the fish, I can changed them, and you will be cordially mentioned, if you leave a name to give credit to. You can leave a comment, or email The Lone Bear at . You can suggest an article topic, or just give feedback. Because that would be cool.

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  1. you spelled "entertainment" wrong